My Work at PFF
I am President of The Free State Foundation and Senior Fellow and Director of Communications Policy Studies at The Progress and Freedom Foundation, a market-oriented think-tank in Washington, DC. To see much of my published work in the communications law reform, administrative law, and constitutional law areas, go to PFF. I am co-editor of the book, "Communications Deregulation and FCC Reform," published by Klewer in 2001. For my latest op-ed, go to CNET. I also write a regular columns for the National Law Journal and Legal Times on regulatory affairs. I am Chair of the ABA's Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice and an adjunct professor at George Mason University School of Law.
 My Fiction and Poetry
I have published four short stories and poetry in literary magazines. The first poem was "Moon Pies" in A Carolina Literary Companion and the second was "Sun Drops" in the St. Andrews Review. Both reflect my Carolina roots. For my short story, "Hamneggsbeefsteakngravy", see Connections, Spring 1999, and for "Reuben's Ride", see The MacGuffin, Spring 2001. More about my other writing to come soon! Now go to Connections

 My Non-Fiction Publications

I have published over sixty law review articles, op-eds, essays and commentaries, and book reviews ranging over a multitude of public policy and legal topics. To read many of them, visit The Progress & Freedom Foundation or click here for a publications list. For a list of my Legal Times and National Law Journal commentaries, click here.